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This country has something like 300 million guns. That is equivalent to a gun for everyone in the country. These numbers show why we have more gun related deaths than any other country in the world. There are over 5000 guns shows per month according to the National Firearms Association. Congress keeps trying to implement bills that would restrict guns sales and limit the distribution but they always fail because of the gun lobbyists. This means that gun manufacturers are bribing our politicians. So, we go on as usual. Men have been the number one killers using guns and that is white males. Every mass shooting has been by a white male that was born here. Men do love guns because a gun represents power and power is the main motivator for men. Men are obsessed with power. In a way, we cannot totally blame men for this, because nature gave them this motivation. There are 4 traits that humans were given by nature, these traits were ones that I identified when I was thinking of what traits define a human being. These traits are Tribal, Violent, Greedy and Predatory. I wrote a book about this called Human Nature and it’s available at Kindle under my name, David Michael Schmidt. It’s a cheap download of 3.99. Humans received these traits as a way to cope with surviving in a raw jungle situation. Humans are very Tribal as we easily group together in support of organizations that we identify with. We pick sports teams that we are loyal to and political parties that we are loyal to. We join clubs and committees and we all have family relationships. We belong to a religion that we are very loyal to and believe anything that they tell us with blind faith. We are used to having someone in charge that we take orders from. We easily follow along and we strive to be accepted by society. We are aware of what clothing styles are popular and hair styles and in the past 10 years many people got tattoos. Nothing shows a Tribal nature, more than tattoos. Most people look in the mirror before they leave the house to check their hair or straighten their tie. Humans do not function well when they are totally alone and cut off from society. Wealth in this world provides us with a certain level of respect and power. The very rich are treated like gods. But I digress, and have gotten off track. Back to the gun issue. I know that people always point to the Second Amendment as the reason that we are allowed to have guns. Most people have never really read the amendment which speaks of having a well regulated militia and therefore should bare arms. The wording here is hotly debated. The gun lovers focus only on the words that say we have a right to bare arms and dismiss the militia part. When mentally ill people get a semi-automatic military grade rifle and then break into a large group of people and start to kill people in mass, then the problem begins. We have so many shootings that we have become numb to them. We read that one just occurred and we shrug and say, “oh well” , and then ignore it by the next day. A civilized society should not even have guns at all. But then I am a pacifist and think that humans should not be killing each other.


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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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