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We should all be very concerned about our world because it’s our home. This planet will be here long after we have all left it, as it was here long before we arrived. We are so arrogant to think that our actions will ruin the planet, it won’t. We can pollute the air and trash out the oceans and lakes and water ways but this won’t destroy the planet. Earth is a rock floating in space and our actions will never harm it. Earthquakes and volcanoes have not been able to harm the planet and our trash certainly won’t. Humans are the ones in peril and all other life forms. We may very well destroy ourselves from our ignorant actions of pollution and garbage and chemical dumping. Humans think that they are very smart but our actions prove otherwise.

You may have some faith in a mythical god because you have been brain washed as a child to believe this nonsense. I was brain washed and sent to a Catholic grammar school for 8 years and was an altar boy and I had 2 aunts that were nuns and yet I managed to see the light. By the age of about 15 I realized that this was all nonsense because I have some level of common sense. In the 5000 year history of recorded history there has never been any conclusive evidence to support the validity of any gods or goddesses. Of the 2 largest religions, Muslims and Christians, they each boast a following of 2 billion. Religious dogma is traditionally passed on from parent to child like it’s a very serious requirement and we are told to never question this. Church and State have enjoyed a very friendly union for centuries because it serves to control the masses. The definition of a terrorist is someone or some organization that uses fear to control. This is exactly what religions do. I could write many pages about this as I have studied religions for many years. I have researched their origins and how they have been able to infiltrate society. Each one of you have to come this realization on your own as I am not going to attempt to convince you. Anyone that was brain washed is usually impossible to arouse to reality. Humans are Tribal by nature and we are very easily controlled by using this nature against us. We observe society and we emulate the actions of others as a group. Have you received a tattoo with the past 5 years or so ? Then you were a victim of our Tribal nature to want to fit in and be a part of the group. Do change your clothing styles over years or your hair styles because they have become “out dated ” then you are a victim of our Tribal nature. Did you buy jeans with holes in the knees because they were “cool” ? Do you watch the latest “fads” ? Do you buy books because they are “best sellers” ? See what I am talking about. If someone comes forward with a style or fashion that is very different , they are either branded as “weird” or a “trend setter”. This can go either way. It all depends on how famous people react to it. if the famous people like it, then we all like it. It’s the stamp of approval.


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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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