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The day we kicked out the British rulers. The British, at one time, occupied 56 countries and territories across the globe. They had a slogan, “the British flag never sees the sunset” , because of the vast holdings that they had in all parts of the world. The interesting fact is that the world never held Great Britain accountable for all the areas they they once dominated by force. Americans like to celebrate July 4th by blowing things up and getting drunk and eating cheap food. Yes, we are so proud of kicking out the British, but those that did the fighting, were also British that came here to get away from their previous rulers. But the dark side of our occupation of this country is how we mistreated the Natives that were living here. The British immigrants acted like they found this unoccupied country and they could just move in and take over. They killed most of all the natives here over time. At one time there were over 500 different native tribes living here across the country. I used the word “mistreated”, but we tortured and killed them. I say “we” as meaning those that lived here at the time. We proud American immigrants. So proud that we built this country and then bought Negro slaves here to work our cotton fields and help build our important government buildings like the Capitol and the White House. We try to hide these facts in our history lessons, but the information is there for all to read. We should redirect our pride towards the facts of what happened in the beginnings of America. Slavery eventually became an issue that tore this country in two. We fought a very bloody war that still has political scars that show today. The people living in the south still have an attitude problem that lingers. Statues of Confederate generals are just now being removed and many are against even that. I am very much against our current political governing policies and the attitudes that surround them. Men love power and this shows in all of our governing. I dislike the political parties because they cause the divisions of our spirit. We are one country but politically, we act as two. Humans are Tribal by nature and we naturally group together with those that share our visions. Having two parties just enables two different opinions and actions. Two parties will always clash and fight each other so that it’s very difficult to get anything accomplished because of the “Us against Them” attitude. This is very much like people choosing a sports team and then showing blind loyalty to that team. This is also very much the same with religions. Blind faith and blind loyalty.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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