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We have been engaging in military offensives in the Middle East for 20 plus years. This all began as an act of revenge against the Taliban or Isis or whatever, we have forgotten by now. No one can say, definitively, what American military has been doing in the region. At one time we engaged private contract military forces, as well. Now, president Biden has come to his senses and is removing the military presence in Afghanistan. America has military presence in 150 countries around the world. This makes us an Offensive force not a Defensive force. We are occupiers. War is really an act of Insanity. No one can win a war since each side will sustain many deaths. War proves that “might is right”. The one with the most bombs wins. America is the only country to have ever used the Atom Bomb against another country and we did it twice to Japan. Some people will argue and claim this aggression saved lives because it ended the war. I guess we could use that method for every war going forward. Just completely destroy the enemy and all of it’s inhabitants. Just wipe them off the face of the map, like they never existed. We even have rules of engagement in wars. Think about how silly this is. Some people have even been sentenced because they went too far in cruelty. Why don’t we even be real civilized and only allow sticks and rocks as weapons. Even better, we could each choose one warrior to represent our side and have the 2 men fight it out to the death. War is like letting a wild animal loose that cannot be controlled. We humans could end all wars if we just changed our tolerances. Our soldiers could refuse to kill strangers in a foreign land. The public could refuse to cooperate in any wars whatsoever. During the Vietnam war, it ended because of the public outcry. It takes two, to have a fight. If one side refuses to engage then there is no war. There is much evidence to show that war is just a means for the Military Industrial Complex to make a ton of money. What happened to our country and our interest in cooperating goes back to WW2. When America was pulled into the war, the spirit that was created was amazing. Everyone in this country was motivated to win. Most of the the young men were drafted and the women left behind were hired to help build war machines. People everywhere had a single purpose to win. This amazing spirit was used by our Defense Dept to promote more wars like in Korea. The government used the public support and realized that spirit might not last and it didn’t by the 1960’s. They tried to get us into another war in Vietnam. It did work initially until young men were dying in huge numbers and the college age men got together and protested. We need to send a message to Washington that we will not support any more wars, ever. Wars are always an act of power grabbing. American must stop involving itself into the political affairs of other countries. There will always be some regime that we do not like. We have engaged into the power structures of other countries without actually going to war. We have helped to change to leadership of other countries using clandestine methods. Our CIA, has been involved all around the world to change election outcomes. Our Defense Dept has the biggest budget, that receives over 700 billion annually. We waste a great percentage of this in poor strategies and selections of unneeded, redundant equipment. Any person with a logical brain can see the folly in all of this. We literally are blowing up billions of dollars, in ruinations, that did not need to occur. We put thousands of military personnel’s lives in jeopardy, just to flex our military muscle and brag to the world that we are the best at war. We can stop this, all it takes is the will to do it.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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