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When does politics stand in the way of common sense ? This is why I dislike the idea of political parties. I see no practical reason for having 2 parties at all. Why cannot we just choose politicians for their merits and not the “team” that they belong to. Humans are Tribal by nature, something you will see me write about a lot here. Humans naturally like to have a group to belong to because of our Tribal Nature. We pick our favorite sports teams and are very loyal to them. We belong to a certain religion and we are very loyal to them. Most people did not have the choice to be involved in their religion because their parents indoctrinated them. Religious connections are infected into our traditions. Parents think that it’s their duty to pass along their religious beliefs to their children. Most religious people never question their beliefs, they just adhere to the rules and follow along. I could talk all day on this subject but I don’t want to bore you. So I won’t. The pandemic has somehow, split people’s attitudes about getting the vaccine. The states that are lagging behind in people getting vaccines seem to be the “red” states. For some reason, the Conservatives have seen the vaccine as a political statement instead of a health issue. I can easily blame the last president, because he never took the pandemic seriously. The pandemic actually destroyed his chances of getting re-elected. If he would have acted like a mature adult when the pandemic first broke, he may have been re-elected. The pandemic put our economy into a recession and the past president could no longer brag about how great the economy was doing. Instead, he tried to pretend, that the Covid-19 was a hoax. So many Conservative Americans took cues from the past president and also tried to pretend that pandemic was not a serious threat. Even after all the time that has past, those people are still acting like children and refusing to get a vaccine, even though they know it can save lives. They care more about serving their party, then to save lives. America has totally lost the caring compassion it once had. America is divided along party lines. People will choose to put their own lives at risk and their families lives at risk, just out of party loyalty. This “team” mentality is very dangerous to this country. Team mentality is ruining the potential progress of this country. So many positive things could be accomplished if we all worked together. We are one people, no matter what shade of skin that you were born with or what fantasy God that you worship. It’s time to become responsible adults.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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