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Society chose a handful of words and declared them to be “bad”. We all know these words and as young kids we dared to write them or speak them in whispers. What makes a word “bad” ? No one can really say. To me, a bad word would be torture or murder or rape. A word that is slang for feces (shit) is hardly bad, as feces is as common to a human as air. The other dreaded word is used as a noun, pronoun, verb and adverb and is used very often in every day language. That word is fuck. A word that means to procreate, something that allows human beings to survive as a species. This could hardly be considered “bad”. Since that word of 4 letters, could be broken down and spelled with other vowels, like fick, fack,feck or fock, then it appears the “bad” letter is U. The amusing thing is that society uses bad words but substitutes them and disguises them. We will say fudge, or frick or phooey instead. Children’s cartoons use the word fricken often. We all know what that is supposed to be. We just innocently dance around the bad words with cute variations. Instead of shit we say shoot. Slang words for certain body parts are also considered bad. Body parts used in reproduction or to remove urine. The silliness in this “bad” word nonsense is ludicrous. If certain words are bad then maybe the letters used in those words are also bad. Words need to be liberated and declared “good”. There should not be bad words. Free all words and set them loose. There is no harm in using these words. In teaching children, we can merely say that certain words are not polite to use in certain situations. Children will mimic adults and they know all the words that we think, that we are hiding from them. It is just plain silly to hide any words.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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