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Truth Is Hard To Find

We listen to the news and we know there is always bias. MSNBC and CNN have decent employees that have won broadcasting awards but they lean to the left. They willingly mock the Republicans as much as they can. Fox News, which is not allowed to call themselves a “news station” by the FCC is called “infotainment”. They do, however, pretend that they are reporting news. They are totally focused on ratings and they will say whatever stirs their audience. I really do not know where to go for honest, unbiased news, anymore. The government is totally biased and their reporting is never trustworthy. They tell us what they think, that we should know. The Pentagon is the worst. Their agenda is to promote wars and keep the military contractors happy. They are constantly focused on recruitment and they have their ubiquitous talking points, like killing strangers in foreign lands is heroic and patriotic and this is serving their country. Murder in a war zone is never considered to be breaking the law. Young people subjected to a war are never going to remain the same, mentally. Unfortunately, the veterans are not treated with the respect that they thought they would and should receive. Lies are freely tossed around by politicians that are constantly having to campaign and try to promote donations, to keep their jobs. They will say whatever they think, that their base will respond to. They watch the polls after they have been speaking at a rally, to see “how the wind blows”. They will adjust their positions depending on their poll ratings, sometimes it requires a complete reversal. No one trusts politicians as a whole, yet loyal party supporters, often believe what they hear, because it supports their ideas. The Right and Left play this silly game of “tossing rocks” at each other and get all excited over certain movements in the political wave. It’s very easy to observe and then guess what everyone’s reactions will be, after some disaster. The politicians want us to be divided and they will say whatever is needed to promote divisions. It’s the old concept of “divide and conquer”. This is why I am totally against having any political parties, what so ever.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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