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People get me really fired up. We just finished a 20 year war, the longest war in our history and people are already talking about the next one. We learn NOTHING from our mistakes. War is the epitome of human ignorance. If two people get into an argument over something personal, like just where the fence line between two properties is, this could erupt into something more than a squabble. Intelligent, reasonable humans would find a compromise. Of course when we are discussing war, this might be over border lines, which many wars have started over. But to allow a problem to evolve into a war, then we have lost all reason. War is the outside of reason. War is allowing a wild animal to go free. An animal that cannot be satiated. Humans will perform actions upon other humans that they never would even consider under normal conditions. What kinds of conditions make humans go crazy are usually about the control of power. Men crave power and will always try to control it. Many wars might have started over border lines but quickly escalated over power. Wars motivate the population blindly, acting with emotions and not intelligence. Humans are TRIBAL by nature and we easily devolve into anger and fear when we think that we are being threatened by the other “tribe”. Leaders know how to motivate their fellow citizens by exaggerating the potential threat imposed and the fear that surrounds it. Humans are always on the edge of fear. Life is never certain and we are blindly finding our way through life. There are so many pitfalls and dangers. The world could easily live in peace if we all learned to tune out the people that come forward with ideas of war. Those kinds of people should automatically be shut down. Those countries that are controlled by dictators must rise up and remove that person from power. The people always have the power by their shear numbers. We see this happening around the world. People take to the streets and overthrow bad leaders. It is a constant struggle but if we can change the mindsets of all of us by changing the conversations, we can change the world. It all starts with you. Sure, this is idealist thinking but what is wrong with that. Going back through history we survived very dangerous battles when countries did not have borders and anyone could claim the land. In Great Britain, there were 4 kings that controlled 4 regions of what is now England. The Vikings tried to conquer that land by taking control of the 4 kingdoms one at a time. They almost succeeded when they conquered 3 of the kingdoms but were stopped by the 4th king. This is just an example of how humans and countries have evolved from more primitive times. Unfortunately, one of the 4 Human Traits of Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory, GREED has taken over how wars are now fought. No matter how the war began, it is just a ruse to gain huge fortunes by military contractors. Wars are now a business model. In Afghanistan, the war cost 2.3 trillion and most of that went to the contractors. Many military contractors will sell weapons to both sides of a war. We citizens are lied to about the reasons that the wars were fought. The Pentagon is now a facilitator of war and without war, they know that their very jobs are at stake. If the world lived in peace we would not need a military. The Pentagon advertises for potential enlistments by exaggerating the job of a soldier and they call them heroes and now everyone calls them heroes because of this. They call the job patriotic to serve their country and keep us free. There was nothing that occurred in Afghanistan, over 20 years, that kept Americans free. If you asked 20 Americans what happened in that war, you would find no one that really knew. That war was like Whack-A-Mole, and if you asked the soldiers that were there, they would agree. It was all about making money.


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