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Nuclear Explosion With Orange Mushroom Cloud

People like, Greenpeace, keep saying to ” save the planet”. The planet, as we all know, is a rock spinning in space and is billions of years old. The planet is NOT in peril. What is in peril are life forms, of all kinds. Humans have trashed this world. We carelessly dumped trash into the ocean, like NYC, that had no land to use, to bury it in. It’s like “out of sight, out of mind”. Even when we bury trash in the ground it’s still there, contaminating the soil. We have dumped chemicals into the rivers and oceans. We pump tons of contaminated carbons up into the air. We have loaded tons of plastic products into the oceans. Anyway that we could trash the world, we have done it. Humans are the worst thing to have happened to this world. Sometime in the future we will become extinct, through one of the many ways that we can destroy everything. We can make the fresh water too poisoned to drink and then we are done. People close to the ocean can desalinate and that might save them. The warming of the climate could be a result of our negligence or just the natural changes that occur. There use to be an Ice Age when everything was frozen and maybe there will be a Hot Age when it becomes too hot for us to exist. There would be a mass exodus to colder regions. Super climate changes will affect everything from higher ocean levels to loss of wild grasses that cattle eat. The higher ocean levels will cause low lying cities to flood and become unlivable. These massive changes will have a huge impact worldwide and will cause power struggles over resources. This could cause wars to break out and with the huge destructive bombs that some countries have, could end civilizations. We know that it will be terrible, no matter how it occurs. The long term future looks bleak.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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