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I am really a scrooge when it comes to this holiday. I am 79 and have had my fill of Christmas and New Years events. Now I just try to get past it. Yes, I walk around it and try not to get any glitter on me. My favorite radio station goes all Christmas songs and my favorite TV shows are on break. There is a certain amount of stress that occurs at this time. Buying presents and remembering who I need to contact in the family. I got smart about 5-6 years ago and instead of buying anything, I donate to the ASPCA in the family members names. It takes me about 15 minutes online and that’s it. I feel good about and the family feels good about it. They will mail out a greeting card to each person on my list. Christmas to me is just an excuse for everyone to see how tacky they can make their house look. I rarely see what I would consider a tastefully decorated home. I do not know if I can look forward to 2022, with the midterm elections coming up and the horrible Republican voting regulations. This has become extremely vitriol since Trump disrupted the entire system. He is an extreme narcissist and if anyone bothers to look it up, Trump possesses every symptom that defines a narcissist. People never took this seriously and just brushed it aside like it was nothing. He is a very demented criminal and will do anything to win. He belongs behind bars. But back to the holiday, I do hope that everyone has a great family gathering and enjoys it all. I might write again before the beginning of next year. So Happy New Year.


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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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