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President Biden has a very full plate to deal with going into 2022. There are problems with the Russians over the Ukraine issue, and of course the Covid, which is the “elephant in the room”, the thing that never leaves, it just changes. There are still supply issues and the impending elections that could be a game changer. Biden is struggling to improve his approval rating, while trying to keep all the balls in the air. Why people want to be a president is beyond me. The stress is beyond comprehension and I don’t know how these guys get any sleep. They are being pulled in 100 directions at once and all of their most favorite projects, the things that they ran on, they see fading away. Political parties, the thing I wish that we could just flush down the toilet for good, are nothing but silly childish “team mentality” games. So much time is wasted on the “across the aisle” bickering and threatening. Humans are Tribal, by nature, as I have discussed many time here. We easily group into factions with like minded persons. It seems that humans cannot do anything without their groups. We have religious groups and social groups, there are so many groups. There is strength in numbers, so these groups feel emboldened by their sizes. The more that we are divided up, the weaker we are and the politicians know this. They do not want us to come together. The government loves all these groups and they encourage it. Religions are the largest of all the groups and leaders love them. The old adage of “divide and conquer” has worked all through history. Social media is working just like that, information is passed around and as we know, the more a story is retold, the more twisted it becomes. Anything can be posted without any filters. People are easily fooled. We are at a point in our society where NOTHING can be trusted. We no longer believe any politicians because most of them lie, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is necessary to lie to the public for security reasons, but government officials now just lie because it’s easy to do. What is a TRUTH is bounced around like soccer ball. We just spent 20 plus years in Afghanistan and no one really understands why or what we wanted to accomplish there. I bet that of you asked 30 people, you would get many different answers. We spent over 2 trillion dollars that could be viewed as “wasted”. Imagine what we could have used that money for. Most of that money went to the Military contractors, so now you see why we allowed that war to be extended for so long. Wars are ALWAYS about the money. Never allow the Pentagon to cloud your ideas about wars and their missions. Never allow the Pentagon to call soldiers, heroes or patriots. These are just words they use to help with recruitments. No one that is trained to kill on command is a hero. I know that WW2 was a very different situation and can never be used to be applied to any other, of the many wars that we have been involved in, since 1945. Not one of those wars since WW2, were necessary for us to have become involved with. Those wars were all about making money for the Military Industrial Complex. We give the Pentagon more money that any other department, with over 700 billion a year. I would like to see just how that money was spent.


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