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Being the president in America is a thankless job. We all know that. At least half of the people dislike you. Everyone has their own selfish wish list of what they expect the president to accomplish in his first weeks of office. I would guess that about 70% of the citizens of this country have never looked up what the Executive Office is allowed to do and not do. Everyone seems to think that the president can just make things happen by a command. People think that the president is in control of oil prices, based on the many comments that people post on social media. People also think that the president is in complete control of our economy. Presidents do take credit when the stock market is up and the jobs seekers list is low. However they should not. Presidents can only create jobs if they are able to get some large projects approved through the House and Senate. The things that the president is capable of doing is very small. Just look it up. I have looked at it several times to remind myself. The America public is very cynical and very selfish and totally disrespectful of the Office of the President. Because of social media now, everyone is like the Press, posting comments on a whim, regardless of facts. People love dumping on people more than they want to celebrate the positives. Just like our media, that loves disasters and bad news, people seek out the negatives. President Biden gets constant disapprovals because he is old. People see old age as a negative profile position. Comments are constantly shared about Biden being senile and having dementia. This comes with being old and it’s disgusting to witness. As a senior citizen myself, I am very sensitive to the way that people treat the elderly. Everyone will become old themselves and this does not seem to affect how we react to age. After someone passes the age of 70, they are automatically classified as being senile and are somehow less of a human. The elderly become a group and treated all the same, like something we just speed past and sneer at. The elderly become slow moving and lax to remember details of their life and have many physical problems. This is just the facts of life. We put more value on the youth and healthy persons. Perhaps we should have different age requirements for politicians, there is a minimum age but maybe there should be a maximum age as well.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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