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Too Many Liars

When someone complains that a certain politician lied it’s almost a joke because they all lie. Facts are never an issue for them. They all twist the facts to suit their narrative. There are many versions of a lie. There are Little White Lies, Half Truths, Exaggerations, Bragging, they are not the absolute truth. They cannot stretch the truth or omit certain facts to arrive at their version of the truth. Truth, actually, is subjective and predicated upon each person’s own perspectives and perceptions as processed through our unique brains. Someone like Trump, who is a pathological liar, thinks that if he said it, then it becomes the truth. He tries to invent the truth. Politicians spend their careers speaking to the public and shaping opinions. They are required to twist the facts to shape their viewpoint. When someone is debating an issue they always reshape the facts to win their argument. We can call it exaggerating but it’s not the truth. It’s like playing a game of tennis and putting a little spin on the ball to trick the shot. Politicians put spin on their comments to win the argument. When speaking, elaborating certain words with the right inflections can make a big difference in creating a good speech. There is a proven craft in public speaking to keep the audience focused. People can listen to a speech and know that the speaker was exaggerating or twisting the facts but they overlook it, if the impact is successful.


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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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