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Biden just claimed a rise in 6.6 million jobs thus far, more than the past 3 presidents combined. News like this should be all over the media, so that no one can miss it. This is a powerful asset to run on this November. But I don’t see much press about it. The news is still focused on Jan 6th, and the Democrats are still trying to bring Trump to justice for all of his crimes. This kind of press won’t really impress the voters, as much as the real issues, that affect their daily lives, directly. The Democrats always seem to be playing the victim and being apologetic. The Republicans lash out with countless lies to put the Democrats off guard. The Democrats are spending all of their time trying to correct the lies and explain everything. The Democrats need to ignore the lies and bullshit and focus on their strengths and accomplishments. Charge forward with courage and tenacity. Winners do not have to reprove why they are winners. Winners need to press on with their chests puffed up and bragging. People like to associate with the winners. People like to feel like they are supporting the winning party. This is what constitutes pride in people. Lead the parade. The Republicans are in a real quagmire, of their own doing. Their brand is very tarnished and the Democrats need to be predatory about this and beat the drum about how great they are and that they are the winning party. The Republicans are trying, desperately, to play down the insurrection, by trying to call it something else, which is the only card that they have to play. When the Republicans have no agenda to run on and they are admitting this openly. Democrats should be shoving this in the GOP’s face and showing this to the public. This is another weakness in the Republican Party that can be exploited, and should be. Their party is being arrested and subpoenaed and accused of a multitude of crimes. It should almost seem heartless to stomp on such a pitiful party, but it’s necessary to hold power in the House and Senate. Democrats cannot weaken now and act so defeated.


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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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