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I may be just too old to be fully aware of things, but I do not see the same kinds of creativity, today, then we had in the past. For instance, in music, the bands of the 70’s and 80’s were unique and very artistic. Today, I watch music TV show like American Idol and The Voice and I do not see any “new” styles or originality coming forward. There are some very talented singers but they are just repeating the past as far as style goes. People like Anita Baker and going back to Billie Holiday, were stylists who had a very unique style all their own. The bands of today are using electronic music in a studio and that produces very boring sounds that are just barely keeping them noticeable. I do not see any “new” music like we saw starting from the early 50’s, when people experimented with different influences. Rock and Roll was a brand new style that inspired bands for decades but that time is now tired out and needs a refresh. Where is the creativity ? Don’t try to tell me that rap music is something new. That is just a different way to spray out the lyrics in a poetic rhythm. Rap music is not something that would inspire some new dance steps, in fact I cannot even imagine anyone dancing to rap music. Something has been lost over the past few decades in creativity. This also applies to clothing styles. The recent offerings in clothing was to rip holes into jeans to make them look worn out and damaged. The same was done to all the clothing, to make them distressed. This was also done to furniture finishes. I like the distressed look because it reflects the casual attitudes of today but this is not really offering something new. It is a lazy way to make something different. Where can they go from this ? Once they distress everything, the only way to offer something new is to what ?… make everything shiny and nice again ? There is a kink in the creative flow. I remember people like Andy Warhol shaking up the art world and I wonder where the creative entrepreneurs are today ? We have all become too lazy. We have drowned ourselves in the digital world. We do digital art and digital music and read books on our tablets and listen to music online. The quality of music listening is sinking. Because of our restricted lifestyles, due to the virus pandemic, our creatives spirits have withered. This is a serious problem to a societies energy to move upward.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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