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Again With The Party Fighting

This political fighting is getting totally ridiculous and why am I the only one saying this ? We, as a country, could accomplish so much if we did not spend 50% of the Congress and Senate energies at bitching back and forth like spoiled children. Politics is turning people off from the whole process. Humans are TRIBAL by nature, another thing that only me, that is the one pointing this out. Being Tribal, we naturally look for group to identify with so it was very easy to create political parties. Since day one of our government, we created parties. It is difficult enough waging wars within the House and Senate without also having the two parties to fight. What great minds made this insanity up ? This is the intentional creation of ways to traverse the governmental process with pediments installed to make it more difficult. Like building a highway with speed bumps and pot holes. Maybe I am just not that intelligent to comprehend this process. I am willing to admit my shortcomings when it comes to politics. I am the common man looking at our government and shaking my head in disgust. I am not the only one.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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