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Our history has proven over and over that men love war. We have spent huge amounts of money building devices and machines to blow shit up. We built the world’s more destructive device and used it twice to destroy our enemy. But, of course, who we killed was the poor people that happened to live in the region. War is a wild animal, that once released is uncontrollable. Men have this deep desire to destroy things. Humans, as I have pointed out, are violent creatures. We have a past that is demarked with wars and battles and we seem to be very proud of our murderous ways. We even build statues of famous generals and commanders. We display war machinery in our public areas. Men display weaponry on the walls of their homes. We are clearly very proud of our destructive nature. The word “peace” seems like a joke because we tease with it and pretend that we really desire it but then we rush off to war at the slightest provocation. Men stand anxious for war all of the time. When too much time has passed with peace, men get look around for some place that they can attack. We have the world’s largest military budget and we easily spend billions in what we laughingly call “defense”. The Pentagon employs 26,000 people. We have generals standing by ready to spring into action. These men are hoping for a reason to go to war because that is their job. We give military contractors billions to design and manufacture weaponry and they are anxious to see us go to war.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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