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Yes, we are all affected by the high prices of gasoline. Since every product is transported to us by trucks, including the gasoline itself, it raises the prices. The politicians are busy playing the “blame game”, as they use this to point fingers. People always blame the president when he has nothing whatsoever to do with this. Oil companies are to blame. The oil companies received over 20 billion last year in subsidy money. This process is insane. The oil companies are raking in record profits. There is NO reason for tax payers to subsidize them. But, I am sure that they have a great lobbying group. The oil companies can raise their prices as much as they want and we have no recourse. The best thing for us to do is to use our cars less. Try not to make trips that can be avoided. Try to use public transportation. Ride your bike. Carpool. When you are stuck in a long line of jammed traffic, shut off the engine. Buy an electric or hybrid car. Buy a smaller car. The popular SUVs don’t get the best gas mileage. Most people could get by with a smaller vehicle. The price of gasoline here in California is over $6 a gallon now. Even the cheaper stations like Costco are selling gas for $4.99. and there is a very long line. President Biden is talking about banning the imports of Russian oil, which is about 3% of our oil imports, and this could make the gas prices even higher. Time for some very creative thinking for all of us.


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