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I am trying to reach more people and spread REALITY among a world drowning in falsehoods. The lies being spread because of the many social media platforms is amazing. The word “truth” has lost it’s way. Facts are as rare as they can be. Everyone offers up their version of facts. Politicians just make shit up and try to pass it off as facts. Honor among thieves has disappeared. Sure, I can get out my words and some people will listen. People tend to believe what they want to. Facts are kind of like music. There are many versions out there and people pick what sounds good to them. We make up our own realities and then live within them. There are a lot of podcasts out there and each one is a little different. People choose whatever reality fits their vision. I think that I have a unique reality based on experience and an artistic vision. I hold a vision of a peaceful planet. I know that war can be stopped with the right mindset. People create wars and we follow the leaders that are greedy and corrupt. Power is the game. Power corrupts. Once a person attains the power to have people following their words, they own the power. Most dictators force loyalty by fear and they rule with an iron fist. Dictators ignore empathy and compassion and see them as a weakness. Treating people with kindness seems to weaken their hold on the power. I may or may not create a podcast.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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