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About 80% of the world’s population lives within the delusion of a fantasy God that can fix all of the problems. They believe in an afterlife, and that is the basis for religions. They think that after they die, their body will be transported as a spirit into some imagined place in the sky. They think that in their spirit form, that they will be united with everyone that died. There is no conclusive evidence to support any of this but that does not affect their thinking. Humans, as I have reported in the past, are Tribal by nature. People cling together with like minded others. They fear strangers, as they should, for their own safety. We people, join groups and organizations to feel connected. We spend hours on social media sharing parts of our lives to family members and “friends” that we found. Humans want to feel connected with the “tribe”. We have a religion, mainly because our parents indoctrinated us into their religion. We have the belief that there is some god figure that watches over us. There is no way to prove this but that does not weaken their faith. Once someone has been brain washed by a religion, they willingly support it with total loyalty. Our minds can easily be trained after our birth to believe anything. With the strength of a popular religion holding you under their spell, people can be manipulated easily. When a religion is overwhelmingly practiced by everyone that you know, and you live with the belief that the vast majority of the population around you shares with you, you never doubt any of it. It’s that Tribe connection that I mentioned. If, someone does have doubts and looks around for others that also have doubts, they feel more comfortable in their lives. Religions binds you so tightly that the members are not allowed to express any doubts or question the rules. I know all about this in my own life. I was a doubter in my early teens and I questioned in my own mind. I was able to break free but with lots of guilt. Every religion began with one man that, either thought that they had a vision, (so they said) or some other inspiration. With this delusion in their minds, they shared their vision with others and slowly their religion took root. Anyone can start a religion based on an invisible, inaudible fantasy deity and give it unlimited powers. This is how every religion begins. So now we have billions of people living within these fantasies all over the world. Some countries are ruled by a single religion and the people are treated like slaves to that belief. They talk about free will but then they never allow it. The Tribal connection becomes so strong at this point, that the people are like robots that willingly follow the leader.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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