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I recently had an inspiration about us humans. I was thinking about how, we are observed by others and what do they see, compared to what we think that they see. On the whole, humans are very similar, on a broad sense. We have the same anatomical shape and facial constructs. There are obvious differences in our hair colors but everything else is similar. But, when we get very close to the observations of us humans and study the very, many physical and mental nuances, the differences are astounding. Our facial structures allow us to shape our expressions into endless twitches and creases. We can express an emotion with the slightest muscle movement. The many facial conditions that we study in our mirror from a man’s beard to a woman’s eye brows, offer so many different choices Most people with a full head of hair, spend hours and lots of money, on the design and color of their hair. Hair designs change over time. depending on someone’s age. Hair design can alter our perception, to what the world sees. Hair design can change our confidence and stability. How we dress is the most important choice that make each day. The choices for both men and women are endless and change as fads come and go. Some people follow the popular trends, very closely and then there are those that could care less, but ironically, that look of not caring, becomes it’s own look. There are many people that claim that they don’t care how they look or what people might think. These are people that happen to have a large mirror near their front door. People want to liked and observed and know that everyone will judge them by their appearance. Our speech is also an important part of our character. The sound of our voices and the pronunciations of the words are quickly noticed. Some accents come off as charming coming from certain people. So, to conclude my thoughts. we humans live in a society that constantly observes and forms opinions based on our physical appearance. We may go to great lengths to show the world our best self. The world may have a completely different judgement of our appearance and our personality, than what we have think.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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