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This all started when Barak Obama was president. The GOP party all signed a statement that they would block any of Obama’s bills. It didn’t matter what the bill was, they were against it, just on principal. That negative attitude has persisted into the Biden administration. The GOP has proven itself to be the party of hatred and negativity. Trump took this attitude to an even more extreme place. Certain members of the GOP party were hell bent to destroy the Democratic Process. They didn’t care if the entire government was going to go down. The word “sore loser” keeps popping up. I do not know where this attitude is going to direct this country. There are plenty of things that America needs to be working on and the GOP is sitting on their hands. They are spoiled children that are willing to bring it all down if they cannot have their way. I do not know why anyone would vote for any Republican right now. They are following their alleged, elderly leader, who lies with every word. Facts do not seem to matter as long as they can sell their messages of hate and division. The Republican Party has said repeatedly, that they have no current agenda and they are running on being the “against” party. They will keep attacking Biden and the Democrats on every issue. This is NOT how our government is supposed to run. Issues can always be argued and have a centered compromised result. That is how intelligent mature people work. I certainly hope that our future improves but I really do not see it happening as long as Trump is dragging his party down.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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