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President Biden has a very full plate to deal with going into 2022. There are problems with the Russians over the Ukraine issue, and of course the Covid, which is the “elephant in the room”, the thing that never leaves, it just changes. There are still supply issues and the impending elections that could be a game changer. Biden is struggling to improve his approval rating, while trying to keep all the balls in the air. Why people want to be a president is beyond me. The stress is beyond comprehension and I don’t know how these guys get any sleep. They are being pulled in 100 directions at once and all of their most favorite projects, the things that they ran on, they see fading away. Political parties, the thing I wish that we could just flush down the toilet for good, are nothing but silly childish “team mentality” games. So much time is wasted on the “across the aisle” bickering and threatening. Humans are Tribal, by nature, as I have discussed many time here. We easily group into factions with like minded persons. It seems that humans cannot do anything without their groups. We have religious groups and social groups, there are so many groups. There is strength in numbers, so these groups feel emboldened by their sizes. The more that we are divided up, the weaker we are and the politicians know this. They do not want us to come together. The government loves all these groups and they encourage it. Religions are the largest of all the groups and leaders love them. The old adage of “divide and conquer” has worked all through history. Social media is working just like that, information is passed around and as we know, the more a story is retold, the more twisted it becomes. Anything can be posted without any filters. People are easily fooled. We are at a point in our society where NOTHING can be trusted. We no longer believe any politicians because most of them lie, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is necessary to lie to the public for security reasons, but government officials now just lie because it’s easy to do. What is a TRUTH is bounced around like soccer ball. We just spent 20 plus years in Afghanistan and no one really understands why or what we wanted to accomplish there. I bet that of you asked 30 people, you would get many different answers. We spent over 2 trillion dollars that could be viewed as “wasted”. Imagine what we could have used that money for. Most of that money went to the Military contractors, so now you see why we allowed that war to be extended for so long. Wars are ALWAYS about the money. Never allow the Pentagon to cloud your ideas about wars and their missions. Never allow the Pentagon to call soldiers, heroes or patriots. These are just words they use to help with recruitments. No one that is trained to kill on command is a hero. I know that WW2 was a very different situation and can never be used to be applied to any other, of the many wars that we have been involved in, since 1945. Not one of those wars since WW2, were necessary for us to have become involved with. Those wars were all about making money for the Military Industrial Complex. We give the Pentagon more money that any other department, with over 700 billion a year. I would like to see just how that money was spent.



I am really a scrooge when it comes to this holiday. I am 79 and have had my fill of Christmas and New Years events. Now I just try to get past it. Yes, I walk around it and try not to get any glitter on me. My favorite radio station goes all Christmas songs and my favorite TV shows are on break. There is a certain amount of stress that occurs at this time. Buying presents and remembering who I need to contact in the family. I got smart about 5-6 years ago and instead of buying anything, I donate to the ASPCA in the family members names. It takes me about 15 minutes online and that’s it. I feel good about and the family feels good about it. They will mail out a greeting card to each person on my list. Christmas to me is just an excuse for everyone to see how tacky they can make their house look. I rarely see what I would consider a tastefully decorated home. I do not know if I can look forward to 2022, with the midterm elections coming up and the horrible Republican voting regulations. This has become extremely vitriol since Trump disrupted the entire system. He is an extreme narcissist and if anyone bothers to look it up, Trump possesses every symptom that defines a narcissist. People never took this seriously and just brushed it aside like it was nothing. He is a very demented criminal and will do anything to win. He belongs behind bars. But back to the holiday, I do hope that everyone has a great family gathering and enjoys it all. I might write again before the beginning of next year. So Happy New Year.

Chinese Dominance

I had this thought last night. I wondered about a super power, like China, building a system of very powerful satellites circling in space, surrounding this planet. A powerful system capable of dominating all communications. They could control all cell phones and internet satellites by over riding them. They also could place satellites equipped with nuclear powered missiles aimed at every major country. This I see as the future threat. Our weak cell phone satellites leave empty places where no signal is available. This leaves us very vulnerable to a better, stronger system taking it’s place. Imagine China having total communication dominance over the whole world. That means they could control everything that happens with the internet. Right now, we have problems with hackers breaking into major systems and disrupting them. If China were to implement what I have suggested, they could control all the banking and economic systems. We all heralded the new technologies like the internet and cell phones but we made ourselves vulnerable at the same time. When we turned over all the systems in the world to single global control sources. We thought that we were very smart to simplify all the information storage. But did we also consider all the ramifications involved ? We trust our banks to save our financial information and we believe that they will always honor this trust. But if someone was to control all of that information then we are all in trouble. Our money is not stored in some vault, our finances are just numbers in a system. People with billions of assets could lose them if someone was to control everything. I am not a brain when it comes to the details of how all of this works. I just get these thoughts and I feel compelled to share them. Our world seems to have become smaller because of our technological advancements in the past 20 years. All it takes is for one very powerful government, to take control of all of this. I do not trust that the intelligence of this country, is capable of the foresights, required to meet the challenges ahead. Looking back at how easily it was for the past president’s band of mercenaries to break into our Capitol and disrupt the countries’ business, makes me frightened. We put all our trust into our government to keep us safe, when the fact is that they cannot keep themselves, safe. As harmful viruses are circling the planet, like predators looking for our weakest defenses, to break though, we are worried and we should be. Our bodies are equipped with an immune system but that is subject to many variables. We are all individually, controlled by how we choose our diets and our environments and our lifestyles. Most of us are aware of the proper ways to keep ourselves healthy. Most of us ignore it. It requires a lot of discipline and most of us might try but most of us fail over time. Some of this is due to the lack of proper motivation. We trust our leaders with way too much control and we shouldn’t. If they fail at their jobs then we all fail as a country. I for one, do not trust anyone. These elected officials are just the same as you and I. They all have the same weakness and are easily influenced by money and the power that comes with it. Humans are born with 4 Traits, Tribal, Violent, Greed and Predatory, as provided by nature to help us survive a very scary world. I identified these traits in my book, Human Nature. I have never heard anyone else mention these traits, all though they are very obvious to me. So, I have given you somethings to think about and to be aware of.


Nuclear Explosion With Orange Mushroom Cloud

People like, Greenpeace, keep saying to ” save the planet”. The planet, as we all know, is a rock spinning in space and is billions of years old. The planet is NOT in peril. What is in peril are life forms, of all kinds. Humans have trashed this world. We carelessly dumped trash into the ocean, like NYC, that had no land to use, to bury it in. It’s like “out of sight, out of mind”. Even when we bury trash in the ground it’s still there, contaminating the soil. We have dumped chemicals into the rivers and oceans. We pump tons of contaminated carbons up into the air. We have loaded tons of plastic products into the oceans. Anyway that we could trash the world, we have done it. Humans are the worst thing to have happened to this world. Sometime in the future we will become extinct, through one of the many ways that we can destroy everything. We can make the fresh water too poisoned to drink and then we are done. People close to the ocean can desalinate and that might save them. The warming of the climate could be a result of our negligence or just the natural changes that occur. There use to be an Ice Age when everything was frozen and maybe there will be a Hot Age when it becomes too hot for us to exist. There would be a mass exodus to colder regions. Super climate changes will affect everything from higher ocean levels to loss of wild grasses that cattle eat. The higher ocean levels will cause low lying cities to flood and become unlivable. These massive changes will have a huge impact worldwide and will cause power struggles over resources. This could cause wars to break out and with the huge destructive bombs that some countries have, could end civilizations. We know that it will be terrible, no matter how it occurs. The long term future looks bleak.


Today I have some thoughts that I want to share.

An opposite is required for full recognition, example, you cannot define hot without cold. Nothing can be totally defined without the direct opposite.

Truth is subjective and predicated upon a person’s perspectives and perceptions as processed through the human brain, each being completely unique from all others

Anyone that is directly opposed to another will have a different truth

When people speak about “truth”, keep these thoughts in mind. Truth is different from facts.

I will fill the page with one of my poems.


In case you just aren’t really aware of the reality of the universe, let me brush you up on some very simple basics. People spend so much time spinning their wheels and stressing over things in a futile game.

Number One : the richest people run the world, they always have and they always will. Wealth equates to Power. It’s simple yet, I never read or hear anyone say it. People keep pointing their fingers at every place else. They control the governments and pay large amounts of money to certain parties and politicians to get what they want. They regulate the price that we pay for gas. They make a profit when the price of oil goes down, by selling short and they make a profit when the price goes up, by selling long.

Number Two: there are no gods. In the 5000 year history of recorded history, no one ever has proven the actual existence of any gods or goddesses and there have been 100’s of them. Once a civilization fades off into history, so do their beliefs. By using conclusive evidence, something that we can witness with our 5 senses, no one ever has proven this. That is why they use the words “belief” and “faith”. They want you to just blindly accept what they tell you. Yes, I am a Realist. I do not like the word “atheist” because it comes with too much bullshit baggage. Atheist, simply means “no theist” . People like to twist it around and say that it is organized or a religion, when it is nothing at all. It is like a blank page. Religions hate it when people try to question their lies. The Vatican has protected pedophiles for centuries and everyone is aware of this, yet nothing has ever been done about it. There are 1000’s of documented cases and the Vatican has paid out millions to shut people up. Religions, like the Televangelists, are raking in millions and billions from your ignorance. It is the best scam of all time. They are selling lies.

Number Three:: Humans are born Tribal, by nature. We naturally fear all strangers, for our own safety and protection. I talk about this often and yet I never read or hear anyone talk about this. It is extremely obvious to me. We hear the conversations and articles about “racism” , when the fact is that everyone is a racist. The more different a person is, from yourself, the more that you are going to fear them. This fear leads to hatred and violence. We teach our children to “never talk to strangers” , for obvious reasons. It is not politically correct to say that anyone is a racist, so we dance around this and pretend that we are not racist. Every single different ethnic group that ever emigrated to this country was met with fear and hatred. Pick any ethnic group and there is tons of history that supports what I am saying. We used to call people with darker skin shades, “colored people”, then we evolved and now we say, “people of color”. I have to laugh every time I hear this. In reality, it’s the “white” people that created this distinction. Like, “white” is not a color. No one is either white or black. Everyone has the same skin color, in a variety of shades. The Caucasian group is gradually going to become the minority in this country and everything is going to change, a LOT. Once the “white” people lose their privileges, that they have been accustomed to, for all this time, the country will do flip flops. When a darker skin judge, gives you prison time for a minor offense, you will feel what it was like for the “black” people. This is what is known as a “comeuppance”.

Have a Fun Holiday.


This country is on a very dangerous ledge. Our population has become split in two by political and social grievances. Many of these anxieties have been brewing for years and it took an attack on our Capitol to identify the differences. There is a sociological and physiological split along racial lines. Some of these perspectives and perceptions have been miscreated by the media to garner headlines and further the divide for attention. The media gets more viewers when there is political and societal tensions. A quite and peaceful country does not sell headlines. No one tunes in to hear that there was just another boring day of quiet tranquility and common sense and reason and perfect harmony. Humans are Tribal, by nature, and we are easily shoved into a group when there are tensions rising. Politics is a structure that needs us to be divided. A united society is very difficult to control. Divided and Conquer is a very pervasive strategy that has been proven to be the most affective at controlling a populace. To control a population, it is best to separate them into as many groups as possible. We naturally find groups of people that we feel comfortable with and that share our physical appearance. Humans, being Tribal, naturally fear strangers for our safety. We teach this to our children, to never speak to strangers, and this becomes our mantra. We are separated by our beliefs in the spiritual realm and we have been brain washed through millenniums of passed down religious fantasy that were never verified with conclusive evidence. We have been taught to blindly accept the lies as truth. These religious dogmas are reinforced by the enormous percentages of the population, that are gullible enough fall in line. We tend to just follow the crowd and not think for ourselves and the religions frown on anyone that is bold enough to question the beliefs at hand. Logic and reason and common sense are words that are never connected to religious beliefs. Our politics has given us the choice of one of two parties. In some rare cases there are 3 or 4 parties trying to gain some support but they cannot create enough power to be effective. Most people have chosen a party because of the state that they live in or the party that their parents had or have. This party selection just creates a “team” mentality and people will pretend that this choice is of the utmost importance in their lives. People get violent in the support of their party. It becomes Us against Them. This is exactly what the political system wants. This is why I am against political parties, all together. Our country would run a lot more effectively as one unit.


People get me really fired up. We just finished a 20 year war, the longest war in our history and people are already talking about the next one. We learn NOTHING from our mistakes. War is the epitome of human ignorance. If two people get into an argument over something personal, like just where the fence line between two properties is, this could erupt into something more than a squabble. Intelligent, reasonable humans would find a compromise. Of course when we are discussing war, this might be over border lines, which many wars have started over. But to allow a problem to evolve into a war, then we have lost all reason. War is the outside of reason. War is allowing a wild animal to go free. An animal that cannot be satiated. Humans will perform actions upon other humans that they never would even consider under normal conditions. What kinds of conditions make humans go crazy are usually about the control of power. Men crave power and will always try to control it. Many wars might have started over border lines but quickly escalated over power. Wars motivate the population blindly, acting with emotions and not intelligence. Humans are TRIBAL by nature and we easily devolve into anger and fear when we think that we are being threatened by the other “tribe”. Leaders know how to motivate their fellow citizens by exaggerating the potential threat imposed and the fear that surrounds it. Humans are always on the edge of fear. Life is never certain and we are blindly finding our way through life. There are so many pitfalls and dangers. The world could easily live in peace if we all learned to tune out the people that come forward with ideas of war. Those kinds of people should automatically be shut down. Those countries that are controlled by dictators must rise up and remove that person from power. The people always have the power by their shear numbers. We see this happening around the world. People take to the streets and overthrow bad leaders. It is a constant struggle but if we can change the mindsets of all of us by changing the conversations, we can change the world. It all starts with you. Sure, this is idealist thinking but what is wrong with that. Going back through history we survived very dangerous battles when countries did not have borders and anyone could claim the land. In Great Britain, there were 4 kings that controlled 4 regions of what is now England. The Vikings tried to conquer that land by taking control of the 4 kingdoms one at a time. They almost succeeded when they conquered 3 of the kingdoms but were stopped by the 4th king. This is just an example of how humans and countries have evolved from more primitive times. Unfortunately, one of the 4 Human Traits of Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory, GREED has taken over how wars are now fought. No matter how the war began, it is just a ruse to gain huge fortunes by military contractors. Wars are now a business model. In Afghanistan, the war cost 2.3 trillion and most of that went to the contractors. Many military contractors will sell weapons to both sides of a war. We citizens are lied to about the reasons that the wars were fought. The Pentagon is now a facilitator of war and without war, they know that their very jobs are at stake. If the world lived in peace we would not need a military. The Pentagon advertises for potential enlistments by exaggerating the job of a soldier and they call them heroes and now everyone calls them heroes because of this. They call the job patriotic to serve their country and keep us free. There was nothing that occurred in Afghanistan, over 20 years, that kept Americans free. If you asked 20 Americans what happened in that war, you would find no one that really knew. That war was like Whack-A-Mole, and if you asked the soldiers that were there, they would agree. It was all about making money.


I think that this word should be authorized to use, if you are talking about the act of fornication. There are no other words that properly or accurately, describe fornication. Saying that someone was having sex, does not really define an act of fornication. Making Love, is too broad of a saying and is too vague. There are slang words, like “going at it”, or “banging”, or a long list of expressions, from every era and genre. Slang words are over used and become diluted and lose their accuracy. Our language evolves over time and words can lose their original meaning. I must note here that I am stoned and trying to formulate words is a challenge. ( laughter) Getting high can be really fun and it alters perceptions and affects reality, and, that’s the whole reason for doing it. Back to my beginning thoughts. Using fuck to describe fornication is not being used as a “bad” word. This is my point. Of course to be entirely honest, I think that every word should be liberated. There are no such thing as bad words. There are only bad intentions. Words are just connected letters, so if there are bad words. then the letters used in these words should be bad, by association. I guess that was sort of a joke. I make gag cartoons and they are published in a local monthly specialty, small newsprint. I am an artist and I sell my art online on several websites. I have 2 published books of poetry. I have around a 100 poems. I love writing poetry that rhymes but that style is no longer popular and if you want to sell poetry, you have to follow popularity. So if you agree, about “bad” words being liberated, then pass it on.