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The British people that came to this country in 1620 were escaping religious persecution in England. British citizens in England were forced to attend the Church of England or be imprisoned or killed. The Puritans and Pilgrims had total belief differences from each other according to what I have read. This country was basically just a place of fantasy expression. Religious imagination and politics is what was going on. Religions are just cults. If you look up the definition of a cult, you will see what I am talking about. Gods can be anything. There is supposed to be over 4500 organized religions in the world. Imagination is what stimulates a belief. No gods have ever been proven by the use of conclusive evidence. We know the difference between reality and fantasy by the use of our 5 senses. Anyone can concoct a story and claim that is is real, without the evidence to support it. This is what religions are about. Religions can claim a lot of power by the size of their members. Religions condition and control people with fear, which is the definition of a terrorist. Many of the Evangelists on television have become billionaires. Religion is a great way to make huge amounts of money. Fear of an afterlife retribution if people do not obey is the driving force. Religions all use the same MO. Create a fantasy god, claim he is all powerful and knows what you are doing and can offer a wonderful reward or a terrible punishment. The details of creatures in a religion is what separates them. The saints and prophets and magical events is how they are different. They all share the same ideas, like claiming that their god spoke through them and they know what god wants them to do and say. What blows my mind is that people are so damn gullible. You can tell them that it is just a wild fantasy and there is no verification involved and it doesn’t matter, once they have been properly brain washed. Every human is born as an atheist. There is no god information pre-installed in the infant brain. There seems to be a proclivity for humans to accept fantasy. To envision that there is more to life than what we see. That there is some spirituality place. Humans have the ability to use their imaginations to create just about anything. The lack of conclusive evidence just doesn’t bother people, that have locked up their minds like a mental fortress. They refuse to listen to logic and reason. This would be similar to trying to convince a child that Santa Claus is a fantasy. Many countries are governed by a strong religious dogma and the people are not allowed to contradict or question the belief. This is mental slavery. The best way to control people is with fear of death. Governments and religion work hand in hand to control people. In early Europe the Pope worked very closely with the kings. I like to use the Chess board as a good example. The 2 Bishop game pieces are on either side of the King and Queen. A religious sandwich.



This country seems to be heading for a tailspin. The talk has become very partisan lately. This is why I am totally against having political parties of any kind. Dealing with our problems is hard enough without, first having to fight the “other side” to gain a foothold. No country can run well with inner factions making a fight that should not exist. This Right and Left comedy is totally absurd. This reminds of some school yard tug of war. The RepublicanTs are trying to drum up some silly civil war talk but I ask “just who are the two sides here” . I only see one side that wants the war. They seem to want to destroy the government that we spent 232 years building. I have no idea what they would replace it with. Maybe an dictatorship or a monarchy with “you know who” as their king and master. I am so glad that I am 79 and won’t have too many years left to witness the crazy direction that this country is heading in. Maybe this is the Rise and Fall of America. When 75 million people voted to retain the crazy, insane president, that was pushing this country off the edge of Reality. We seem to be witnessing some other form of reality. Something that I cannot wrap my head around. When up is down and down is up. I know a lot of this insanity is motivated by the frightened White Supremacists that were stoked by the hate speeches of the past administration. They seem to have some crazy notion of creating a war between the Whites and everyone else. They have no intention in addressing real problems like the Changing Weather Patterns or Failing Infrastructure or Healthcare. They want to alter the voting patterns and give more money to their wealthy benefactors. I really feel sorry for the Americans that sincerely want to preserve this country as it was created.


This must be the Mantra for every American. These baseless Middle Eastern invasions are pure insanity. These invasions provided America NO headway at all. Thousands of soldiers died for NO reason. We need to STAND UP and scream NO ! … We are not victims of government. Just like the Vietnam war when 56,000 American young men died for no reason. Finally, the American people stood up and openly protested and the government reacted in a positive way. This is how things get done. We must protest openly. Many countries watch what America does and are influenced by our actions. If we show the world that we have no intentions to invade or go to war, this can have profound reactions. It’s like 2 men, both holding a gun at each other and hoping that the other person will lay down their gun first. War is insanity and everyone knows this. Most people also know that our wars are feeding the Military Industrial Complex with trillions of our tax dollars. In World War 2, before America became involved, American companies were selling weapons and machinery to Germany. In many wars, weapon contractors will sell to both sides. These companies are making SO much money that they are hoping and encouraging wars. They give millions of dollars to Congress and Senate campaigns, in the hope that decisions to go to war, will be favorable to them. War has become a Business Model. Military contractors are counting on more wars to proliferate their profits. Peace, is a word they do not want to hear. The Pentagon is called the Defense Dept. when they should be called the Offense Dept. They have successfully brain washed the public to believe that wars are helping us in some way, to protect our freedoms. This is a gigantic lie. It’s all about profits. The Pentagon runs TV advertising to encourage young men and women to enlist. They make the military careers look like a wonderful lifestyle and call the soldiers “heroes” for killing strangers in some foreign country. They claim the military is a “patriotic” career. What they don’t tell them is that once they are wounded and missing limbs, that the VA will mistreat them. The Pentagon has been successful in promoting this “Support The Troops” mantra. The best way to support the troops is to avoid going to war.

Radical Idea

Every now and then I get some radical idea. Today I have a plan to radically improve our government. Get rid of political parties. Every time we listen or read the daily news it’s something negative about the parties. The politicians like having us divided because that is the best way to control us. Like they say, “divide and conquer”. Having 2 parties and some times 3, I guess there is still a Libertarian party out there, sets up a “team mentality”. It’s US against THEM. Humans are Tribal by nature, something you hear me say a lot, as such we naturally pair off into groups. The Left versus the Right. The Liberals versus the Conservatives. So much energy is wasted on negative actions. Each side is coiled to strike out against the other. Congress spends half of it’s time trying to outsmart the other side. Certain states in this country are connected by their choice of party. People cast their votes along party lines instead of voting for a person who has a good track record. So many of our votes are cast for people that have no qualifications, but, because they are in the correct party, we elect them. Our government would be run so much more economically and efficiently without parties. I know that this requires an entirely different mindset. People’s minds are hard to change but that should not keep us from doing the correct thing. The conversations begins and continues to grow slowly and more people begin to understand the advantages. Everyone wants the government to operate more efficiently with less obstructions. Politicians have their minds locked into a hard block against anything that the other party is trying to achieve. So many good bills have been discarded because of the stalemates that occur. Going back to the Obama presidency, the GOP members signed a document that promised to automatically block anything that came their way. This is not how a government should operate. It seems very childish to me. There are so many things in the country that require change and this idea is a good start. It’s a major start. I know that there would be issues with the campaign money that each party is used to collecting. Money should be going to individual politicians and not to the party that they identify with. Parties adopt certain agendas that are not always the best idea for the country. But all I can do is to toss this idea out there and see if there is any support for it.


This is the world that WE have created. A world where wealth transmits to power and power is what everyone wants. Power is control. In every relationship there is usually one person that wants to claim the position of power. Parents have power over their children and every parent wields that power, differently. Your boss has the power over you. This world was created slowly and gradually by everyone that has ever lived on the planet. We all have contributed to the slow shaping of our society. We treat the wealthy people with more respect. They are treated to a higher prestige. We call them the Elite. Now, we could change all of this if we wanted to. It seems that we want it this way. We all want to be the “rich” ones. We want to live in that elevated plateau. We want that house on the water. We are greedy people because that is one of our 4 traits given to us by nature, to survive in a dangerous world. The 4 traits are: Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory. Nature created us and shaped us to survive, that is our only motivation, to procreate and replicate ourselves. That is the motivation for any living thing. If you see a plant growing up through a tiny crack in the pavement, where a single seed was blown by the wind, into that crevice, you witness the power to survive. Every single human has followed and supported the strong desire to have more money and the power that comes with it. We worship greed and power. We complain about the rich and how much power that they have and we still support it. It has not been that long in our history when there are now so many extremely rich billionaires. The very first billionaire in this country was John D. Rockefeller, who owned Standard Oil, back in 1916. So, in 105 years, we went from no billionaires to a 100 of them. Most of them were created within the last 28 years, since the advent of the World Wide Web in 1993. Every time that we buy from Amazon, we put another dollar in Jeff Bezos pocket. He is worth 200 billion and he might just become the first Trillionaire. There are 10 million 100 dollars bills in a billion and it would take 35 million of them to reach end to end to cross this country, so you can figure out how far 100 dollar bills could reach if you have 200 billion. I would figure this out but I have been vaping pot and my brain is numb. It was a struggle just to get this far into the page. I have better thoughts when I am under the influence. But now I have lost my place and I will stop. But I hope that you get the idea of my post.