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Get That Perfect Tan

The super hypocrisy of light shaded skin. Caucasian people all over the world denigrate others that were born with darker shaded skin. I hate it when people refer to themselves or others as being “white” or “black” …. when no one has skin that color. We all were born with the same color skin that comes in a variety of shades from light pinkish tan to a deep chocolate brown. No one chooses their skin shades, they are just born with it. Humans are TRIBAL by nature. so we fear anyone that looks different. Caucasians all over the world will try different ways to get that nice tan, which is a much darker shade. They lay out in the sun using different oils or buy a tanning bed or buy oils that are already colored. The past president, who’s name I refuse to type, used a face tanning lotion that gave him an orange glow. He of all people, should have been ridiculed, for doing this, since he is such a staunch White Supremacist. He must have thought that his pale white skin just didn’t look healthy enough on camera. The Caucasian spend billions of skin creams and lotions and a variety of means to get that “perfect” tan. Light skin people think that they look healthier with a nice golden brown shade and at the same moment, denigrate those people that were born that way. I am very surprised that no one ever points this out when it is so obvious. The recent census that is taken every 10 years, showed a large decrease in the Caucasian population and this trend is going to have a huge impact on everything in this country. The popular notion that, “white people have more privileges”, will be slowly and steadily changing. More and more people with diverse ethnic backgrounds are getting into politics and this trend will increase. There is going to be a huge power shift in this country and the Caucasian population will be dumb founded, when they find out ,that they are no longer at the head of the line.


Freedom Becomes Selfish

Today the Covid Virus has been growing rapidly in the form of the Delta variant across the country. This could become worse than it has been, since the beginning. Some hospitals are already at maximum levels. The Whitehouse just sent 200 ventilators to Florida. The governor of Florida, De Santis, tried to pass a law forbidding schools from mandating masks and any other organizations. His position is that a mask mandate takes away people’s personal freedoms. Most people are against our personal freedoms, being restricted. But, in times of a national health crisis, people have to be willing to forgo a little of their personal freedoms for the betterment of the majority. Wearing a mask for your protection and that of rest, is such a tiny breech of our freedoms. This just comes out as being selfish from those that refuse to wear the mask. They might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says ..”I am selfish” . This comes off as saying to the rest of society, that you don’t care what happens to everyone else, as long as you can keep your freedoms, even after admitting that wearing a mask is a tiny hindrance. The anti-mask wearers are just using this as a protest in general against any attack against their freedoms. This attack upon their freedoms also filters down to the Second Amendment. Any mandates from the government is seen as an aggression upon our freedoms and some people automatically, throw up a wall. Getting the vaccines is exactly seen as the same “attack” because it comes down from the government and these paranoid people get real scared, real fast. These people have that Freedom Button with them where ever they go. It hangs around their neck. They are ready to press it at a moments notice. So we need to understand these paranoid types and treat them carefully. We should not attack them back, because that is what they expect and they are ready for it. We treat them with the respect of their convictions and the fears they have of government. We try to convince them by imploring their compassion and empathy of their fellow citizens and keep party politics out of the conversation. This has to be a bi-partisan issue. The only reason that the mask and vaccine issue became political, is because politicians made it that way. They used their awareness of our natural tribal trait to unify for our side, to divide us and be loyal to the team. Humans are always ready to pair off into groups because we are that Tribal, by nature. It’s the same way that religions exploit this sense of “tribe”, to belong to something, to keep us loyal and committed. We do this so naturally. The easiest way to get humans motivated is to have them join something. We are social beings that want to be connected, we need to be connected. When we are separated, we quickly become lonely in a short time and long for that reconnection. The best way to deal with this health crisis is to treat each other with total respect and compassion and don’t allow politicians to wedge us apart and then refuse to parrot their political talking points.

As America Splits

There seems to be an obvious split between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated. It seems so obvious to those that did the right thing and the responsible thing and got the vaccine as soon as they could. America was so thrilled when the vaccine was rushed into production and Trump even bragged about it like he did it himself. It seemed at that time that everyone was on board for the vaccine. There was always a small percentage of people that have always been against vaccines for whatever reasons that they had. Some of their reasons were just based on the fear of something new and unproven. Some of the reasons were totally based on mis-information from something that they read on the internet. There seems to be FDA approval coming soon for a few of the vaccines. Maybe this approval will help those that are fearful to change their minds and get vaccinated. There is a definite split between the Republican folks, that have seen this as a way to push back against the Democrats that are in power. This attitude is so counter productive that it’s almost laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic. Using politics against your own best interests is wrong. This is why I am dead set against having political parties altogether. Humans are TRIBAL by nature and we easily pair off and choose a side to resist or support. Politicians know this and they use it to get us to fight each other. They can easily rally up a crowd and claim the other party is the enemy and pit one against the other. We are all Americans and we should all be working together and not fighting. During WW2, America had the greatest winning spirit that this country ever had. Everyone worked together towards one goal, to win the war. We totally lost that spirit because of our split in party politics. If there was no parties, we would be working together. Humans are programmed, by nature, to be suspicious of strangers and that is why we are racist. We slowly get to know people with connections and acceptance. Every single different ethnic group that emigrated here, was treated suspiciously and treated like the enemy , until we all got to know them. Every different culture has something to contribute and we need to learn to see that. I am blaming all politicians right now for using the pandemic as a campaigning tool. Politicians should never be allowed to comment on health issues as serious as the Covid 19.


Stuff happens all over the world. It’s hard to look at the global map and not find a problem of some sort. From 100’s of fires to terrible floods. The climate is definitely changing and this is causing problems from food shortages to displaced people. There is no quick fix to any of these climate problems. We might have waited too long to make an impact now. Climate experts have been warning for years and countries have just shrugged it off. No one wants to change their lifestyles or their corporate greed. So we all watch and shudder at what comes next. Fires can be extinguished and flood waters will recede but the cost of all of this will cause lasting impacts. Fire destruction leads to future mud slides. Political power struggles will always be a problem and cause war and destruction. Greed is usually at the basis of most power issues. History is filled with stories about wars and battles. Humans can never get along or compromise when there is a greedy person in charge. Power corrupts. Every country has certain natural resources that bring them their wealth. As technologies evolve, there are minerals that were once worthless, that emerge to become almost priceless. Cell phones use minerals that no one was interested in, like indium and gallium, something that most people have never heard of. The Middle Eastern countries never were considered to have valuable resources before the advent of automobiles. Once oil became sought after, these countries had something to fight over. Money is the means to power. Power is what motivates mankind more than anything else. With the recent move towards electric vehicles, the battery industry has grown. Minerals like manganese and lithium are now very valuable in battery production. As technology improves, there will be other minerals that are needed. Over time, oil prices will recede as more electric vehicles are sold. The current cost to power an electric car, compared to a gasoline powered car is much cheaper, specially since gas prices are at an all time high right now. The advantages of operating and maintaining an electric car are obvious since there are so fewer parts involved. Electric cars do not need oil, so that will also decrease the need in the future. Most people do not know that the very first automobiles were electric powered, back in the early 1900’s, in Europe. The other obvious issue is the pandemic, that has taken over 4 million lives worldwide and show no signs of ending. People are refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated due to politics and other personal reasons. As new variants are evolving there is no way to know who this how this will end.


Society chose a handful of words and declared them to be “bad”. We all know these words and as young kids we dared to write them or speak them in whispers. What makes a word “bad” ? No one can really say. To me, a bad word would be torture or murder or rape. A word that is slang for feces (shit) is hardly bad, as feces is as common to a human as air. The other dreaded word is used as a noun, pronoun, verb and adverb and is used very often in every day language. That word is fuck. A word that means to procreate, something that allows human beings to survive as a species. This could hardly be considered “bad”. Since that word of 4 letters, could be broken down and spelled with other vowels, like fick, fack,feck or fock, then it appears the “bad” letter is U. The amusing thing is that society uses bad words but substitutes them and disguises them. We will say fudge, or frick or phooey instead. Children’s cartoons use the word fricken often. We all know what that is supposed to be. We just innocently dance around the bad words with cute variations. Instead of shit we say shoot. Slang words for certain body parts are also considered bad. Body parts used in reproduction or to remove urine. The silliness in this “bad” word nonsense is ludicrous. If certain words are bad then maybe the letters used in those words are also bad. Words need to be liberated and declared “good”. There should not be bad words. Free all words and set them loose. There is no harm in using these words. In teaching children, we can merely say that certain words are not polite to use in certain situations. Children will mimic adults and they know all the words that we think, that we are hiding from them. It is just plain silly to hide any words.


I never stopped wearing my mask and of course I was vaccinated. I don’t know why people thought that, because states declared that masks were no longer required for vaccinated, that the virus was done. Some states are not even 40% vaccinated. This was mishandled by everyone involved and I hope we learn something from this. Pandemics need to treated with iron fists. When the last president ridiculed the virus from the start, he should have been corrected publicly, because this cost lives. Politicians should be blocked from addressing serious health issues. They only care about getting re-elected and how it will affect their campaign. I have grown to hate political parties because they just create a “team” mentality. People choose a party like they choose a football team. They become very loyal and they adapt the mindset of that party. We could get so much more accomplished, if we did not have parties getting in the way. It is very divisive and splits the country in two. I think we should try it without parties and see how it works. People thought that having two parties would provide debate but it doesn’t work that way anymore. Now one party just blocks all progress on bills that they do not like. There is no debating. There is talk now of making vaccines mandatory. I think that because this is a National Health Crisis, that there could be an act created. People are dying because some people refuse to do the right thing and get vaccinated and act like responsible adults. When I think back of the intense patriotism and compassion that was created during WW2, I know that we could do it if the leaders would have jumped on this right from day one. People seemed to have lost the definition of patriotism and then made up their own, to match their personal agenda. Flying the American flag doesn’t automatically make you a responsible adult. I am not sure what flag wavers think that they are proving. This virus is still killing people and it will not stop until we get everyone vaccinated like we did with other diseases like polio.


Life teaches us from centuries of experiences. Trial and error was already figured out by those that came first. Many people died as they figured out all the ways that man could work together for the common good. Man is Tribal by nature and is hard wired to comply with certain inherited traits. We are communal and we cling together with a chosen leader and follow with compliance and loyalty. We like to repeat many ideas that seemed to have worked well. Influenced by a combination of religious and spiritual fantasy rituals and dancing concepts and decorations, they created traditions. I have commented that tradition is a lack imagination because I am an artist and I like to see new ideas. Traditions to me are boring but I can enjoy the spirit by which people embrace them. As we struggle to make a forward progress we are carrying a huge backpack of traditions. To blend new ideas and still respect the traditions is the challenge. Many traditions came directly from certain cultures. Blending various traditions expires a fantasy that amuses. There really are no rules when it comes to creativity. The human brain gets bored quickly from repetition because it craves “new and different”. There are some people that are not that creative, mentally, and if things get too different, too soon, they are uncomfortable with it. Some people are welded to their traditions and can never consider a change. Now with the advent of the internet and social media, there are other ways to influence a tradition. Just as we are Tribal, by nature, we show it with the massive interest in social media. We log in and read and throw in our 2 cents and feel like we are connected. The awesome thing about the internet is that we are connected globally not just nationally. Diversity is our greatest way to connect but so many people don’t see it that way. Fear is the unknown and we naturally fear any differences. The way to overcome fear is familiarity. Get to know people that you are ignorant about. Learn what they have to offer from their culture and traditions.


It’s painfully obvious that the Conservative media is posting lies and misinformation about the vaccine just to score points with their audience. They took this issue and made it political. From the very beginning of the Pandemic, the RepublicanTs treated this like a hoax. Even now, when it’s totally open that they are lying, on purpose, they are started to change their tune, slightly. They know that their negative position will come back to bite them in the ass come election time. Fox News, will say what ever they think their audience likes to hear, because for them, it’s just about ratings. Fox News is the “National Enquirer” of TV stations. Now there is another variant virus called Lambda. How many variants might there be, in the future ? It should against the law, and the FCC has to the power to be the watchdog over this, to lie about health issues that affect people’ s lives. This is not a game of “who is the most popular” person in the room. The Right is using this pandemic to score political points. They are so desperate to win back the House that they are changing voting rules all over the country and using the pandemic to control their base. They want to control the narrative in the media. They care about poll numbers, not death rates. Imagine a different scenario, when the whole country is focused on doing the correct thing and getting vaccinated, not because the president asked you to, but to save lives. If anyone knows the history of the America’s involvement during the second World War, then you know the terrific contributions and cooperation of the American people, working together. We have definitely drifted way off that past patriotism. Maybe we can blame this on the internet social websites that allow people to post lies. People are easily influenced by posts that agree with their viewpoint, factual or not. People love to know that there are others who follow their silly perspectives and perceptions, of the world. There are also many people that post false information to just be brats and cause trouble. No one knows who they really are where they live in the world. Never assume that posts are from this country. The internet is global and this opens the door for foreign adversaries who will do things to corrupt us. These people take our popular issues and exploit them and easily corrupt the issues and then sit back and laugh.


We live in a world of discounting. The rich discount the poor, the old discount the young and the young discount the old, men discount the women, and the darker skin people feel discounted by the lighter skin people, the smarter people discount the less educated. There is a total lack of respect. The homosexual and transexuals are discounted by the straight people. The people born with disfigurements or those with disabilities are discounted by everyone else. We discount people based on their jobs. It appears that humans are always looking for someone to demean. We are very quick to pass judgements. Those accused of crimes are discounted before they ever go to trial. We judge people by the way they dress. Anyway that we can point a finger and express disdain for someone, we do it. We are TRIBAL by nature, something I frequently write about. We naturally fear anyone that we do not know well. If someone moves in next door, we are cautious about them. If they look very different, then we are extra cautious. This is simply human nature. Fear is defined as the unknown. Anything that is strange to us, is something we treat with fear. I have written a book called Human Nature and it is available for download for just $3.99 on Kindle under my name, David Michael Schmidt. The book is about my awareness of human nature. I came to the realization that if we were to define humans by their natural traits that I would write about it. The traits that I decided on are Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory. Our history shows that I am correct. These traits were given to us, for our survival, in an primitive jungle environment. The earliest humans would have needed these traits to survive by their wits. Imagine a man or woman hunting for food and fighting off wild animals or other humans trying to steal their food. It is interesting that when there are riots in cities and people revert to a very wild frenzy, that they break into stores and take all they can steal. Their actions are much like the display of exactly the traits they are underlying us all. The very traits that I wrote about. In a complete breakdown of social civil conditions, humans are ready to do what they need to survive. If you think that we act like animals, it’s more like we are acting like humans. Animals are not near as vicious and horrific as humans. In our quest for power and greed we will invade and murder each other and have no regrets for our actions. We will even brag and call ourselves “conquerors”. History may consider us “great” for taking power over others. I know that I have drifted off the original topic but I write as I think.

Big Lie Is A Big Lie

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