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We care about the planet and about landfills and the oceans. Actually, the planet is not at risk, it is a huge rock spinning in space. The problem is us life forms, we will be the ones suffering. I watch a lot of TV because I am old and retired and have a major back problem and so many commercials show products that we can, “just throw it away”. More and more we allowed ourselves to be a Throw Away society. We all have to accept responsibility for every product on the market. If we buy them, then we support it. Examples are all the “wipes” that we are aware of and Swifters different products , that are all throw aways. I watched a commercial that inspired me to write this. The product is a light that catches bugs and captures them on a small sticky pad. I saw that and the light bulb went off, because that is how my brain works. I watch and observe and think about it and allow the inspiration to happen. I bet, that within the past 20 years. that we have been offered 100 new throw away products. We used to use rags to clean with and rinse them and reuse them and later throw them in the clothes washer. Now we all use paper towels. It doesn’t matter if the towels are made from trees or recycled paper, they all wind up in the landfill. Of course the paper will break down quickly but those wipes are going to take a lot longer. When I was a kid in the 1950’s, we threw away our kitchen garbage in paper bags. We did not have paper towels and soft drink came in glass bottles that we recycled. Over time we all opted for the convenience of plastic. I have some plastic bags that are biodegradable. These bags are used to toss away kitchen garbage that is food waste. Our city is now adding that to our recycle items, but they have removed some plastics from the list. I know that there are problems in the recycle industry with recycling various plastics so these will fill the landfills very quickly. There used to be companies that set up drop off trailers that paid people for glass and aluminum. These all seemed to have vanished and I don’t know why. I probably could research it and find out. I think that all of this comes down to money. It always comes down to money.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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