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In case you just aren’t really aware of the reality of the universe, let me brush you up on some very simple basics. People spend so much time spinning their wheels and stressing over things in a futile game.

Number One : the richest people run the world, they always have and they always will. Wealth equates to Power. It’s simple yet, I never read or hear anyone say it. People keep pointing their fingers at every place else. They control the governments and pay large amounts of money to certain parties and politicians to get what they want. They regulate the price that we pay for gas. They make a profit when the price of oil goes down, by selling short and they make a profit when the price goes up, by selling long.

Number Two: there are no gods. In the 5000 year history of recorded history, no one ever has proven the actual existence of any gods or goddesses and there have been 100’s of them. Once a civilization fades off into history, so do their beliefs. By using conclusive evidence, something that we can witness with our 5 senses, no one ever has proven this. That is why they use the words “belief” and “faith”. They want you to just blindly accept what they tell you. Yes, I am a Realist. I do not like the word “atheist” because it comes with too much bullshit baggage. Atheist, simply means “no theist” . People like to twist it around and say that it is organized or a religion, when it is nothing at all. It is like a blank page. Religions hate it when people try to question their lies. The Vatican has protected pedophiles for centuries and everyone is aware of this, yet nothing has ever been done about it. There are 1000’s of documented cases and the Vatican has paid out millions to shut people up. Religions, like the Televangelists, are raking in millions and billions from your ignorance. It is the best scam of all time. They are selling lies.

Number Three:: Humans are born Tribal, by nature. We naturally fear all strangers, for our own safety and protection. I talk about this often and yet I never read or hear anyone talk about this. It is extremely obvious to me. We hear the conversations and articles about “racism” , when the fact is that everyone is a racist. The more different a person is, from yourself, the more that you are going to fear them. This fear leads to hatred and violence. We teach our children to “never talk to strangers” , for obvious reasons. It is not politically correct to say that anyone is a racist, so we dance around this and pretend that we are not racist. Every single different ethnic group that ever emigrated to this country was met with fear and hatred. Pick any ethnic group and there is tons of history that supports what I am saying. We used to call people with darker skin shades, “colored people”, then we evolved and now we say, “people of color”. I have to laugh every time I hear this. In reality, it’s the “white” people that created this distinction. Like, “white” is not a color. No one is either white or black. Everyone has the same skin color, in a variety of shades. The Caucasian group is gradually going to become the minority in this country and everything is going to change, a LOT. Once the “white” people lose their privileges, that they have been accustomed to, for all this time, the country will do flip flops. When a darker skin judge, gives you prison time for a minor offense, you will feel what it was like for the “black” people. This is what is known as a “comeuppance”.

Have a Fun Holiday.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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