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This country is on a very dangerous ledge. Our population has become split in two by political and social grievances. Many of these anxieties have been brewing for years and it took an attack on our Capitol to identify the differences. There is a sociological and physiological split along racial lines. Some of these perspectives and perceptions have been miscreated by the media to garner headlines and further the divide for attention. The media gets more viewers when there is political and societal tensions. A quite and peaceful country does not sell headlines. No one tunes in to hear that there was just another boring day of quiet tranquility and common sense and reason and perfect harmony. Humans are Tribal, by nature, and we are easily shoved into a group when there are tensions rising. Politics is a structure that needs us to be divided. A united society is very difficult to control. Divided and Conquer is a very pervasive strategy that has been proven to be the most affective at controlling a populace. To control a population, it is best to separate them into as many groups as possible. We naturally find groups of people that we feel comfortable with and that share our physical appearance. Humans, being Tribal, naturally fear strangers for our safety. We teach this to our children, to never speak to strangers, and this becomes our mantra. We are separated by our beliefs in the spiritual realm and we have been brain washed through millenniums of passed down religious fantasy that were never verified with conclusive evidence. We have been taught to blindly accept the lies as truth. These religious dogmas are reinforced by the enormous percentages of the population, that are gullible enough fall in line. We tend to just follow the crowd and not think for ourselves and the religions frown on anyone that is bold enough to question the beliefs at hand. Logic and reason and common sense are words that are never connected to religious beliefs. Our politics has given us the choice of one of two parties. In some rare cases there are 3 or 4 parties trying to gain some support but they cannot create enough power to be effective. Most people have chosen a party because of the state that they live in or the party that their parents had or have. This party selection just creates a “team” mentality and people will pretend that this choice is of the utmost importance in their lives. People get violent in the support of their party. It becomes Us against Them. This is exactly what the political system wants. This is why I am against political parties, all together. Our country would run a lot more effectively as one unit.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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