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Chinese Dominance

I had this thought last night. I wondered about a super power, like China, building a system of very powerful satellites circling in space, surrounding this planet. A powerful system capable of dominating all communications. They could control all cell phones and internet satellites by over riding them. They also could place satellites equipped with nuclear powered missiles aimed at every major country. This I see as the future threat. Our weak cell phone satellites leave empty places where no signal is available. This leaves us very vulnerable to a better, stronger system taking it’s place. Imagine China having total communication dominance over the whole world. That means they could control everything that happens with the internet. Right now, we have problems with hackers breaking into major systems and disrupting them. If China were to implement what I have suggested, they could control all the banking and economic systems. We all heralded the new technologies like the internet and cell phones but we made ourselves vulnerable at the same time. When we turned over all the systems in the world to single global control sources. We thought that we were very smart to simplify all the information storage. But did we also consider all the ramifications involved ? We trust our banks to save our financial information and we believe that they will always honor this trust. But if someone was to control all of that information then we are all in trouble. Our money is not stored in some vault, our finances are just numbers in a system. People with billions of assets could lose them if someone was to control everything. I am not a brain when it comes to the details of how all of this works. I just get these thoughts and I feel compelled to share them. Our world seems to have become smaller because of our technological advancements in the past 20 years. All it takes is for one very powerful government, to take control of all of this. I do not trust that the intelligence of this country, is capable of the foresights, required to meet the challenges ahead. Looking back at how easily it was for the past president’s band of mercenaries to break into our Capitol and disrupt the countries’ business, makes me frightened. We put all our trust into our government to keep us safe, when the fact is that they cannot keep themselves, safe. As harmful viruses are circling the planet, like predators looking for our weakest defenses, to break though, we are worried and we should be. Our bodies are equipped with an immune system but that is subject to many variables. We are all individually, controlled by how we choose our diets and our environments and our lifestyles. Most of us are aware of the proper ways to keep ourselves healthy. Most of us ignore it. It requires a lot of discipline and most of us might try but most of us fail over time. Some of this is due to the lack of proper motivation. We trust our leaders with way too much control and we shouldn’t. If they fail at their jobs then we all fail as a country. I for one, do not trust anyone. These elected officials are just the same as you and I. They all have the same weakness and are easily influenced by money and the power that comes with it. Humans are born with 4 Traits, Tribal, Violent, Greed and Predatory, as provided by nature to help us survive a very scary world. I identified these traits in my book, Human Nature. I have never heard anyone else mention these traits, all though they are very obvious to me. So, I have given you somethings to think about and to be aware of.


Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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